About Us

PNG_LOGO_200_blanc4The Professional Network Group International Inc. (PNG Intl) is a strategic networking company focused on connecting business leaders through unique industry specific events.

Our approach is simple yet effective. We unite the key players and provide a distinct business forum where attendees can share best practices, discuss hot topics and debate and consider new processes and new solutions. From key note speakers and strategically planned networking activities to one-on-one meetings, we ensure our participants are stimulated with the most up to date trends and issues affecting their industry.

PNG International strives on bringing the decision makers to the table and caters our events to C- level, VP and director level professionals. We encourage our participants to present their own Case Study Presentations, wherein they have the opportunity to present their company to their peers and discuss the real issues that they are dealing with and the problems and solutions from their point of view.

PNG International is focused on results for our clients, and that’s why we have paid careful attention to creating a forum where interaction, shared knowledge and feedback are key. Our focus is on ensuring that our participants walk away from our event stimulated and informed while doing so in a convivial environment where the conversation is engaging and the food is great!

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    Neil Illane


    Neil Illane is an entrepreneur by nature and believes that business can still be made through a hand shake and a meeting of the “right people”. It is this sentiment that sparked the idea to create an industry specific event that mattered. He wanted to create a space where the “right people” would congregate and discuss real issues and real business dealings; a place where voices could be heard from both a buyer and provider perspective. A place where a handshake could seal the deal: Hence, the Professional Network Group International was born.

    Formative Years

    Neil graduated with a BSBA and his first MBA in International Business from Hawaii Pacific University. Working as a Pawn Broker while in college, he understood the importance of developing relationships not only with clients but with suppliers. After being in Hawaii for 9 years, he moved to Canada to earn his second MBA from McGill in E-Commerce and Management.


    He started out his career in Canada working for one of the largest events company in North America.  After gaining valuable experience through various career changes, he found himself immersed in the Data Center world when he became director of Sales & Marketing for the exclusive Mitsubishi Electric & Power Products dealer in Quebec.  While selling UPS systems to the DC industry he was approached by an engineering firm to organize the first ever Data Center Innovation Expo locally in Quebec, which he did for two years.  He later became General Manager of a small tradeshow company that catered exclusively to senior level audiences.  After two years, he decided to launch his own company based on a hybrid platform where industry leaders could come together to share best practices and have the opportunity to network  with their peers while being introduced to the latest innovations in their own industry sector.

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    Luigi Garofalo


    Luigi Garofalo’s belief that a client’s needs should always come first has served him well.
    From his very first job as a young man working with the public, to the successful business man he is today, Luigi has never wavered on this sentiment. After several successful years running various businesses and working as a consultant, Luigi felt it was time to start something new; however he first wanted to find the right business and the right partner. He was introduced to Neil at an industry event and it didn’t take long before talks of creating an exclusive industry specific networking company became a reality. In February 2015, the Professional Network Group International launched their first event: the Mission Critical & Data Center Expo in Atlanta Georgia.

    Formative Years

    As a native Montrealer, Luigi attended university close to home and received his degree in business from Concordia University. During his studies, he gained valuable experience working a variety of part time jobs in the hospitality sector. His ease with the public and his innate nature of providing excellent service made him popular with his clients, and thus a highly sought after employee.


    After graduation, and spending a few years gaining additional business experience, it didn’t take long for Luigi’s entrepreneurial spirit to kick in. Luigi decided to open his first company in the food & beverage industry where first-rate client relations and excellent service would be at the cornerstone of his success. At its peak, Luigi sold his company to a major food & beverage dealer in Canada.

    Luigi continued to work in the hospitality sector and eventually entered the events industry after being approached by an organization to spearhead their events division. He successfully undertook this new challenge, but his entrepreneurial spirit got the best of him again when it kicked into high gear to combine forces with Neil and create the Professional Network Group International.